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PLANTY COVER - A new way to cat proof your pot plants -


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Cats often pee or poo in pots or simply dig the soil and attack plants just for fun :(

Even though cats owners love their cats, they usually don't like this kind of behavior, as they also like their plants and want to live in a clean and tidy place. This natural behavior of our cats can create stressful situations, in particular when we can’t find solutions to solve the problem.


Planty Cover is a pot flexible textile cover with a little IOT device. The cover protects your houseplant from cats digging the soil and also emits ultrasounds that stop your cats from getting close to the plant. Cats often like to dig in dirt plant and use the plant pot as a litter box. This can create hysteria :) in cats owners who love their cats, but would also like to have nice houseplants and a clean place.


The repeller emits ultrasounds that disturb cat, without being dangerous for them. The ultrasounds frequency is set so that cats stay away from the pot, training them to not damage the plant, pot and soil.


We’ve designed an innovative pot cover. It is flexible and made in textile. The cover can adapt to a variety of pot sizes – small, medium, large, extra large, extra/extra large. In fact, the covers come in 5 sizes that can fit 90% of the pots in the market. We’ve chosen a POP colored design: for each of the 5 sizes there are 12 different options of colors